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Wav to Mp3

Converting wav to mp3 is very simple. And it's free too.

  • If you have already read and followed the steps of our cd to mp3 tutorial, then you are in luck as you made it 90% easier for you to change wav to mp3.

  • If you have not already followed our cd to mp3 makers tutorial, you must go there and follow all steps. Otherwise what you find below will not be of much help...

    Okay, so now, you should have everything installed and set up, right? Read on.

  • Open Exact Audio Copy.
  • Go to the Tools menu and click on Compress Wav

  • Select the source wav file, and select the target where the resulting mp3 will be stored

  • Wait until you here two beeps which means your file has just been converted from wav to mp3.

  • Now, you will probably want to edit ID3 tag of your mp3.

  • That's it already! Very simple, wasn't it? If you did not understand what the heck I was talking about in this tutorial, it's because you did not read our cd to mp3 tutorial. Read it, follow the steps then come back to this page. Thanks!

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