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CD to Mp3 Makers

Many sites want to sell you commercial cd to mp3 makers... when there are free softwares that do the same job and better!

I am going to tell you how how to use a free cd to mp3 converter: Exact Audio Copy & Lame. First, we need to download these two programs. Do not worry, they are guaranteed to be clean and contain no spyware and no virus and nothing else that could harm your computer.



  • Download Exact Audio Copy. Clicking on the link will take you to the download page. Choose the Zip-archive version.

  • Now create a directory called EAC on your computer.

  • By now, you should have downloaded the zip file. Open it. Select all files, copy them to your EAC directory.



  • Download LAME v3.97. This codec (3.97) is not the latest version, but it's the most tested one and thus it is considered by audio experts to be the best available among ALL mp3 codecs.

  • Go back to your EAC directory and open it. Create a new directory called LAME.

  • You should have downloaded the zip file by now. Open it, select all files and copy then to your LAME directory.



  • Insert an Audio CD in your CD/DVD drive now. It's important that you do it now.
  • Start EAC.

  • I have prepared 5 different sound quality profiles for you to choose from:
  • --alt-preset medium
    (~ 160 kbit/s, for high quality on portable MP3 players.)

    --alt-preset standard
    (~190 kbit/s, typical bitrates ranges from 180 to 220 kbps)

    --alt-preset extreme
    (~250 kbit/s, typical bitrates from 220 to 270)

    --alt-preset insane
    (320 kbit/s CBR, highest possible quality)

    I personally use the --alt-preset extreme settings. All above settings will create Variable bitrate (VBR) MP3s (except the insane setting), meaning the bitrates goes up or down throughout the song to match the quality needed.

  • Save the chosen settings to your hard disk drive, if possible in the EAC directory you created earlier.

  • Now, in EAC, go to the EAC menu, then to Profiles then Load Profile. Locate the settings you just saved and select it. Everything should be in English. If not, you can go to the EAC menu (hit F9), then General Tab, and select English at the bottom.

  • The quality settings are now loaded. You still need to set a few things up: go back to the EAC menu, and select Drive Options. Click on Detect Read Features (at the bottom of the first tab) and wait. Click OK.

  • Once again, go to the EAC menu, and select Compression Options. Select the External Compression tab. Click on Browse and locate the directory where you installed LAME (should be in EAC/LAME). Then click OK.

  • Select the songs which you'd like to convert into mp3s, then click the MP3 icon on the left side. You will be asked where to save the mp3s, select a directory of your choice. Mp3s will be stored in a directory of the following form <artist - cd name>.

    You will see a black dos window with white characters, do not close it. It's the encoding taking place. It will close by itself when finished and it will beep twice to tell you when the encoding of all selected files is finished. Leave EAC open until you hear it beeping twice.

    Okay. This is it! Next time you need to encode a cd to mp3, simply insert it in your cd/dvd drive. Open EAC, select the songs you want to encode and click on the mp3 button.

    This was a basic tutorial on how to transform your cd to mp3 files by using EAC and LAME. If you want to learn more about how everything works, I suggest you to take a look at this site: EAC & Lame Quickstart Manual and EAC tutorials. For more information on audio formats, recommended LAME settings, I recommend you to check Hydrogenaudio's forums.


    Please tell your friends and family about this tutorial so that the general quality of mp3 files on the internet goes up. You can easily tell them thanks to the tell-a-friend box at the top right of this page. Thank you!


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