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Connect computer to Stereo

BE VERY CAREFUL when making your connections. Please consult your sound card instruction booklet as you follow these instructions. First verify the plug on the back of your sound card that is Line Out (it is blue on many sound cards but please make sure). (Hopefully your sound card has a separate plug other than the one your speakers are connected to, if not make absolutely sure its not a powered plug before making your connection.)

- Next, verify that you have an AUX or another input on your home stereo that you're not using. - You will need the following cable which you can get these at any RadioShack, or any computer store. You may print this page and show the cable illustration to the salesman.


Now that you have your cable and have determined the correct connections , With your computer power off and your home stereo power off. Plug the black end of the cable into the Line Out of your sound card. Now run the cable to your stereo. Next connect the standard Males Plugs into your Left and Right Aux inputs on your stereo. Turn your stereo on with sound turned down, and select the AUX input. Then start your computer Up.

With your Stereo on about 2 on the volume, start Winamp turn the volume almost off with the winamp volume control. Now play a song, go where your stereo is and raise the volume on your stereo and check the sound quality. Always keep the volume down on winamp. Your home stereo has a much better Preamp than the very best sound card, so let your stereo do the work. You may have to play with the Winamp equalizer to get the sound you want but it won't take long to figure that part out.


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