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Mp3 Glossary

number used to define MP3 quality defined in kilobytes per second (kbps), 128 kbps is standard CD audio. The higher the mp3 bitrate, the larger the file size but the higher the quality. Bitrates can be constant or variable; variable bitrates are used to ensure the highest quality audio.

An online based Compact Disc Database (CDDB) that allows you to download artist names, album titles, track names etc. This information is displayed in your MP3 player.

CD Ripping (cd to mp3 - cda to mp3)
a term used to describe the process of converting a track from a CD (CDA file) to an MP3 file.

Constant Bit Rate (CBR)
Constant Bit Rate is an encoding method that maintains the same bit rate across the entire audio file (as opposed to VBR Variable Bit Rate, which has better quality)

digitally altering the format of an audio file (mp3 to wav).

Digital Audio Extraction (DAE)
Digital Audio Extraction (DAE), also known as CD ripping, is the process of extracting audio from CD which is copied to hard drive in WAV format.

digitally altering the format of an audio file (wav to mp3).

Hard Disk
MP3 storage media used on high-end MP3 players for storage of large libraries (usually at least 2 gigabytes). Uses memory buffer to save battery power each time Hard Disk is accessed by user.

A tagging system (Id3 tag) that allows you to put music information such as artist, song title, album title, lyrics within your audio files.

Jitter is caused by the inability of many CD-ROM drives to accurately seek a specific sector on an audio CD therefore resulting in pops or clicks when listening to the ripped audio track.

LAin't an Mp3 Encoder (LAME) is an open source MP3 encoder engine used in a large number of MP3 software titles.

mp3PRO is the combination of mp3 and SBR. SBR (Spectral Band Replication) is an audio coding enhancement tool. It improves the efficiency and fidelity of conventional audio codecs and offers full audio bandwidth at virtually all bitrates.

MusePaCk or more commonly known as MPC, is a free high quality format partially based off MP2. MusePaCk is a VBR (variable bitrate) only format.

Due to volume differences between audio tracks, normalization allows you to set the volume consistent between tracks during the encoding or burning process. Learn how to normalize mp3.

OGG Vorbis
non-proprietary, patent free open source audio compression format that is similar to MP3.

added functions to software players, which can change/distort, the sound, display visualizations that move with the music, or even support hardware to transfer data in many Jukebox programs.

Ripping (CD Ripping)
The process of digitally extracting audio from CDs to your hard drive in WAV format.

SDMI (Secure Digital Music Initiative)
players using this feature may only play MP3s that were paid for.

Signal-to-Noise Ratio
the higher the better, 90dB is accepted as a good ratio.

changing the appearance, or "skinning", a player or search program. Skins can change the color and design, or alter the layout of the program completely.

Total Harmonic Distortion, the lower the number the better. .10% is usually the accepted level.

Variable bit rate (VBR)
Variable Bit Rate adjusts the bit rate depending on the sound. For example, if there is silence in a song, the bit rate would decrease and if there is a full symphonic sound the bit rate would increase. VBR offers a higher sound quality at a smaller file size.

VQF is an audio format. It is similar to MP3, but is now out of date.

Window's Media Audio is Microsoft's audio encoding format that is starting to gain popularity due to its high quality output at lower file sizes. A 96 kbps (and in some tests a 64 kbps) wma file is equivalent in sound quality to a 128 kbps MP3 file.


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Mp3 Glossary
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