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ID3 tag - Free ID3 Tag Editor

id3 tag
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When it was first released, the basic MP3 file format contained simply audio and information such as bitrate and sample rate which was needed to render the file.

However, the nature of MP3 files soon allowed people to add information about the file such as its name, the artist and the genre of the music. The way in which this information was stored became known as ID3 Tagging (ID3 is the string used to identify the tags within the file). ID3-enabled players could then display the information, if present, while playing the file.

ID3 v1 contains some limited information, while ID v2 has more space available (more characters are allowed for the title, artist, .. in the V2 than in the V1) as you may see in the picture above. If the two tags (ID3 v1 and V2) are present in a file, the player will almost always ignore V1 and read info from V2 instead.

To edit them, open Winamp, open the mp3 whose id3 tags you want to edit, then click on I, on the left of the Winamp screen (or in the file info submenu). You will get a box like the one in the picture above. Now you may edit whatever you need. Just click update to save.


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