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Once again, we will be using Exact Audio Copy in this tutorial. If it's not installed on your computer yet, please click the above link, install it then follow the rest of this tutorial.

  • Open Exact Audio Copy (EAC).

  • In the Tools menu, click on Write CD-R (or hit alt+w on your keyboard)

  • Insert a blank CD-R in your cd/dvd writer.

  • Now select your cd-r drive if you have more than one, and click on Options as shown below.

  • Click on Detect Write Features. The following screen will appear. It may eject your CD up to 3 times. Each time, close the cd/dvd drive and the test will continue until completion. Do not click on cancel at any time.

  • Now, to start adding songs to your CD, open the Layout menu and select Append Files as New Tracks (Index 1).

  • Browse your hard disk and select the songs (wav or mp3 is fine) that you want to include to your audio CD. Repeat this step as often as needed until you have all songs ready.

  • Then open the CD-R menu and click on Write CD. Leaving the write options as is should work fine. Click on Make It So to start your mp3 to cd conversion.

  • Just be patient and wait until it's over. Even when EAC reports an error, your audio CD should play just fine. It's time to test your newly burnt audio CD! Eject it from your computer and go play it in any CD player.

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