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Mp3 to Wav

Converting mp3 to wav could not be simpler! And it's free too.

  • Simply grab Winamp which you must use to listen to mp3s. Open it.

  • Right-click on the winamp top left button. It should bring up an Options menu.

  • Select Preferences. In the Plug-Ins section, you should see an Ouput option. Click on it.

  • Now select Nullsoft Disk Writer plug-in. Select Configure at the bottom of the window. You may choose where to store the resulting wav files. Then click OK. Then click Close.

  • Now, make sure shuffle and repeat are *not* selected. You just set up winamp to convert mp3 to wav files, and store them in the directory you selected. Default is c:\ .

  • Now, every mp3 file you open with Winamp will be converted to wav.

  • Once you have converted all desired mp3 to wav, you need to change winamp settings to be able to use it as a regular mp3 player again.


  • To do so, go back to Options, Preferences, Plug-Ins, Output. This time, select DirectSound Output (or whatever was selected before you changed it at the start of this tutorial).
  • You're done! I suppose you may be converting mp3 to wav to burn music onto a CD? May I suggest that you check out our mp3 to cd tuorial? It covers burning wav to cd too.


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