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Skipping, poor sound,
mp3 playing too fast

There can be several reasons for those problems.

The first is you haven't downloaded the WHOLE song. And the second is that there is some problem with the file, the solution to the last problem is to download this file again and play it.

If there is no sound out. The solution to this problem is probably that you forgot to plugin a headset or speakers. Or that you forgot to raise the volume .. :-)
It sometimes happens that MP3-downloads sound like @#$%*! as Netscape / Explorer mess things up.

(click picture to enlarge it)

Unphuck is a utility that fixes several of the common problems associated with MPEG audio files. Unphuck removes ID3v2 tags (common cause of failure for Windows Media Player), resets ID3 tags, uncooks files, and allows the removal of sections of an mp3 file to eliminate blank space, bad spots, or other unwanted audio.

Be extremely careful though, make a backup of your mp3 file before using unphuck as it can either improve the sound or make it a lot worse than it originally was !



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